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I hope you enjoy your visit to my themes blog! All my theme related questions are answered here. Use the little circles below this box to navigate the page. But before you start, there are several rules you must abide by before you can use any of my themes.

  1. Do not remove the credit. By that I mean, please don't move it to a secondary page or pop up or wherever. Please let it remain the place I put it.

  2. Do not use my themes as a base code. If you want a base code, message me and I'll give you some.

  3. Do not take pieces of my code and incorporate them into your own themes. If you do this, I will find you and replace your toothpaste with superglue.

  4. Your feedback is appreciated! If you're having problems with a theme, or just want to pop in to tell me how much you like it, it doesn't matter! I love talking to you guys.
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Helpful Resources
NOTE: Click the next little circle for a list of my favourite theme-makers

A list of tumblr theme tutorials by ettudis (including the ultimate guide to theme making)

A collection of fonts available for use in your themes

A website with thousands of colour palettes available for use in your themes

Hundreds of background images for use in your themes

Tumblr's theme making tutorial (use this to get accustomed to tumblr's custom theme interface)

The ultimate theme blog

The ultimate photoshop blog

Tumblr's static uploader (Used to get the url of images)

Tumblr theme recovery page (for when you've made a blunder or something and you lose your custom html! It stores the last 20 saves of your custom theme)

Google webfonts for use in your themes(a large selection of online fonts)

The Html Hotties (The best html group ever!)

My Favourite Theme Makers

Ettudis - Her themes are amazing and she literally inspired me to start making themes. I haven't actually had a chance to send her a message and tell her this, but she's one of my major influences.

Gyapo - The very first tumblr theme I used was made by her, and for you that might not be a big thing, but to me it is!

Soonjun Themes - Her themes are probably some of the most complex I've seen and one day I want to have half as much skill as she does.

Now, in no particular order (note some of these persons may not have themes released, but they're html gods):

Melissa, Alex, Sabrina, Hannah, Lori, Jaii, Meem, Cecilia, Steph, Kayla, Becky. (This list will constantly be updated)

Ask Away Lovelies!

Please remember that I'm not online all the the time, therefore if you would ask your theme questions off anon I'd really appreciate it. That way, I can ensure that you recieve the answer to your question. Also, please bear in mind that I only fix flaws in my coding, I cannot help you with a theme someone else has made. (Well, unless you're my friend, and if you are, don't message me here about that.) With that in mind, ask away lovely!

Theme #16 - Did We Ever Really Try

Live Preview | Pastebin

dedicated to the gifteds! love you all :)

The sidebar picture must be square (90x90 is the orignal size)

Keep the description short

Three custom links

400px posts

Comes with white/transparent tumblr controls!

The title in the top left corner is customizable, just look for “Title 2” on the customization panel (right where you put your links)

Coded in Chrome & Tweaked in Firefox (Optimized  for both browsers)

Please don’t remove the credit or claim as your own.

Please like/reblog if using!

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