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I hope you enjoy your visit to my themes blog! All my theme related questions are answered here. Use the little circles below this box to navigate the page. But before you start, there are several rules you must abide by before you can use any of my themes.

  1. Do not remove the credit. By that I mean, please don't move it to a secondary page or pop up or wherever. Please let it remain the place I put it.

  2. Do not use my themes as a base code. If you want a base code, message me and I'll give you some.

  3. Do not take pieces of my code and incorporate them into your own themes. If you do this, I will find you and replace your toothpaste with superglue.

  4. Your feedback is appreciated! If you're having problems with a theme, or just want to pop in to tell me how much you like it, it doesn't matter! I love talking to you guys.
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Helpful Resources
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A list of tumblr theme tutorials by ettudis (including the ultimate guide to theme making)

A collection of fonts available for use in your themes

A website with thousands of colour palettes available for use in your themes

Hundreds of background images for use in your themes

Tumblr's theme making tutorial (use this to get accustomed to tumblr's custom theme interface)

The ultimate theme blog

The ultimate photoshop blog

Tumblr's static uploader (Used to get the url of images)

Tumblr theme recovery page (for when you've made a blunder or something and you lose your custom html! It stores the last 20 saves of your custom theme)

Google webfonts for use in your themes(a large selection of online fonts)

The Html Hotties (The best html group ever!)

My Favourite Theme Makers

Ettudis - Her themes are amazing and she literally inspired me to start making themes. I haven't actually had a chance to send her a message and tell her this, but she's one of my major influences.

Gyapo - The very first tumblr theme I used was made by her, and for you that might not be a big thing, but to me it is!

Soonjun Themes - Her themes are probably some of the most complex I've seen and one day I want to have half as much skill as she does.

Now, in no particular order (note some of these persons may not have themes released, but they're html gods):

Melissa, Alex, Sabrina, Hannah, Lori, Jaii, Meem, Cecilia, Steph, Kayla, Becky. (This list will constantly be updated)

Ask Away Lovelies!

Please remember that I'm not online all the the time, therefore if you would ask your theme questions off anon I'd really appreciate it. That way, I can ensure that you recieve the answer to your question. Also, please bear in mind that I only fix flaws in my coding, I cannot help you with a theme someone else has made. (Well, unless you're my friend, and if you are, don't message me here about that.) With that in mind, ask away lovely!


Theme Pack #003 by Elctra

Sometimes, as a theme maker some themes I make don’t actually make it to release. So this theme pack is a set of 2 themes that have “fallen by the wayside” so to speak.

Theme #28 - We Can't Stop

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme has two sidebar images, one is square and the other is 130px by 250px (a rectangle)

Three custom links

A customizable title, simply change it in the menu bar.

Theme #29 - Royals

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme has two sidebar images, both are 180px by 180px(rectangles)

Two customizable links, and each of the link backgrounds are changeable

The header is changeable, simply look for "<div id="lilm">wicked games</div>" (it’s closer to the bottom)and change “wicked games” to whatever you’d like. Be sure not to change anything else! If you can’t find it in the code, just press Ctrl+f and paste it in the bar that comes up, and it will find it for you.

Please Like/Reblog if using


fixed the creditS


Theme #27 - Wake Up

Live Preview | Pastebin

This is just a basic theme. Hope you like it?

The sidebar image is 195px in width and 100px in length.

Six customizable links

Post info appears on hover

Make the description as long as you’d like

You have the option to upload a pattern for the post info background. Some patterns can be found here

Have fun using it!

Please don’t use this as a basecode or claim as your own

Please like/reblog if using

Anonymous says:
how did you do the slider thing? I kinda want to do it..

come off anon pleaase


Theme Pack #002 by Electra - "Just One Yesterday"

This theme pack is a collection of three minimalist themes. These themes are meant for photo blogs, writing blogs, or bloggers who go for the clean, sophisticated look. That being said, the focus is on the posts. None of these themes have sidebar images.

Theme #24 - Left

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme features:

  • Sidebar on the right
  • A customizable header
  • Six customizable links
  • A choice of 500px, 400px or 250px posts (please only choose one)
  • Optional captions
  • Hover the posts to see the post info
  • Tags don’t show
Theme #25 - Right

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme features:

  • Sidebar on the left
  • A customizable header
  • Six customizable links
  • A choice of 500px, 400px or 250px posts (please only select one)
  • Optional captions
  • Post info appears on hover
  • Tags don’t show
Theme #26 - Top

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme features:

  • Topbar with description and links
  • Customizable header
  • Six customizable links
  • A choice of 500px, 400px or 250px posts (Please only choose one)
  • Optional captions
  • Post info appears on hover
  • Tags don’t show

Please like or reblog this if you use it, or like them. Do not use these themes as basecodes or claim them as your own.

The edit was made by Cec, a photoshop wizard!

Anonymous says:
hey! on your theme, Hollywood, I was wondering why it's not possible to first click on "Links" and then click on "Me" after. You have to click "Links" then "Home" then "Me" but you can go from "Ask" to "Me" to "Links". I was just curious why or is it because I use Chrome?

It’s not because you use chrome.

The script I used, is meant for you to click once to open a section, then click again to close it.

But then i took that little bug into consideration, so I made them into like layers, so if you click on them from bottom to top, they’ll show. But from top to bottom, or just clicking random ones they show weird if you don’t click once to open it and once to close it back.

Basically, it has nothing to do with your browser. It’s just a loop in the coding that is unfixable.

Anonymous says:
i saw a theme that wasnt released yet but one of your friends was using it, i just dont remember who had it!! is there any chance your releasing any that other people have had soon?

If you’d be specific who it was, because I’ve made alot for friends. I’d have to ask the person’s permission on releasing it though.

But yes, there is a chance of me releasing themes once the person is finished with it.


Theme #23 - Seven Devils

Live Preview | Pastebin

this theme was inspired by the florence + the machine song of the same name! You should take a listen it’s lovely.

This theme has three headers. The first two are visible on the main page, and the other appears when you scroll! Cool, right?

The sidebar picture is 150px by 150px (square)

The pattern at the top is customizable, all you have to do is upload a square pattern in the section where it says “header bg”. If you can’t find any, a bunch of them can be found here

All the text is changeable, and so is the colour for the second header. It’s in the same place where you’d add your links.

All four links are customizable.

Keep the description short and spicy!

The tumblr controls are at the bottom of the page, to keep the headers as pretty as possible.

There is a back to the top button, that appears in the bottom right corner once you scroll for a bit!

Hover the posts to see the post notes, date and you can like/reblog items from the main page! (The post info appears at the top of the posts)

The tags and sources are not visible in this theme, so it’s makes for a clean minimalistic look! Especially if you reblog mostly pictures :)

Please like/reblog if you use it! (Or if you like it, I appreciate it [: )

Keep the credit intact, and no sticky fingers!

Anonymous says:
hi dev, i was wondering where you found that cute sidebar picture in theme #5? I was wondering if you know any sites where you can find those type of pictures? thank you xx
Anonymous says:
Hi um do you know the code for the splitting sidebar in your theme #5? (:

I already answered this, look under answered theme questions.

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